Blog Tour: The Disappearance of God

I recently finished reading The Disappearance of God: Dangerous Beliefs in the New Spiritual Openness by R. Albert Mohler Jr. It's a good read - very much in the vein of 10 Dumb Things though this comes across more as a book for the intellectually minded and 10 Dumb Things could be read by anyone. Which isn't to say that anyone couldn't read Disappearance - it's not esoteric or anything - it just doesn't have that friendly, back porch discussion that 10 Dumb Things has.

The book examines in thoughtful detail the need for Christians to seriously evaluate their theology in the face of the culture's push for acceptance of all things, even those beliefs that fly in the face of Scripture. Mohler tackles topics like the disapperance of hell from the canon of beliefs that people hold and the things preached by the emerging church.

In all, I found many, many paragraphs that I went back to and considered quoting here - then realized that I really can't copy the majority of the book. There's much food for thought within, and if even a small percentage of folks in every church across the country (or world) were to read and take to heart this call for reform, the Church as a Body of Believers would be on the path to renewal.

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