Blog Tour: Dancing With My Father

This book is part memoir, part how-to focused on reclaiming (or finding) joy in your life based on relationship with God. I enjoyed the personal stories (though they could be a bit long winded and rambly at times) as illustrations of the author's own journey through the spiritually dark times. I did feel in some ways it focused too much on an emotional relationship with God, downplaying (or degrading even) those with a more intellectual viewpoint or focus - as if joy can't come from knowledge, only from feelings. (Realistically, you need a healthy balance of both, I think. Emotions only get you so far, and often they fail you when you need them most. Head knowledge can't encompass the entirety of any experience on its own.)

Overall, it's an interesting read and I plan to revisit several of the chapters.

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This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Press.

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