The Eyes Have It

This week found us in line for the Sleepy family annual eye appointments. As the doodle is now two, they recommended that he come along and try to get some sort of exam done just to evaluate for any gross problems that they can treat if spotted early on.

I went first and had the oh-so-delightful joy of getting my eyes dilated. He's been after me for a few years to do this and I inevitably forget (not sure how much is on purpose, subconsciously) and drive myself. And it's not as if you can't drive home with your eyes dilated. It's just not the preferred response. So this time I remembered and had my sister tote me and the kiddo (which actually makes more sense anyway as she could watch him during my exam) and made Tim's appointment separately so that I could drive him (as it was time for his eyes to also undergo pupil enlargement.)

My prescription eeked ever so slightly again and as I hadn't filled the last two changes, I went ahead and got new glasses. And as I've hated the transitions that I have in my current pair, I ditched that and got sunglasses as well. I'm not thrilled about the whole switch glasses thing, but honestly, the transitions take so long to un-transition after I come in from a sunny day that I end up taking them off so I don't run into the walls in my house. So what's the difference, really? And now I can have a photo taken outside without looking like the nerdy one with sunglasses on when everyone else is just grinning and squinting into the sun.

This go round I also switched up my frames. I think it'll be a good change - though I didn't go for the super thick and colored frames that seem to be all the rage these days. They just remind me entirely too much of either the '60s, BCGs or the first glasses I had that were an insane electric blue. (Because it was the early '90s and I was in high school and not really a particularly cool child.)

Before we brought the doodle in, the doctor explained that he expects about 1 minute of attention for every year old the child is, so he wasn't expecting much, just to get a good feel. He sat on my lap and we looked at the pictures shown on the wall and he had a ball saying "Airplane!", "Cake!" and then "Birthday Cake!" and then "High five!"  The doctor looked at me curiously and I had to laugh as I repeated that he'd said "High five" - because the photo was of a hand. After a minute the doctor also laughed and said, "Well, why not. High five it is." Then we repeated with pictures on a card (for near sight) and then, since the doodle seemed to even be having fun with it all, he used the light and peeked in and we did a little with the whole chin on the rest look at my ear machine (I have no idea what that thing does) but that started to freak him out, so we called it a day with the conclusion that he has perfect eyes for a two year old.

I get to go back in two months to have my eyes repuffed and do a visual field test as the pressures were a bit high. Whee. I suspect it's just because the glaucoma thing freaks me out and so I blink madly - I'm guessing they got an eyelid. But, better safe than blind.

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Gwynne said...

I hate getting my eyes dialated, but the visual field test drives me insane! I always feel like I should have practiced more before going to the doctor. Better safe than blind is right.