Contemplating Kindle

The title kind of says it all. I keep going back and forth about an eReader - and while I don't think I'd ever give up the tree-pulp version completely (after all, not every book currently in my library is on Kindle, and I do re-read, and I'm not rebuying everything either) I do think I'd like the aspect of getting things as they're released rather than waiting 6 months to a year for paperback (cause, in general, I don't do hardcover from price and just hate the way they feel in my hand standpoint).

Last night I spent a good 30 minutes contemplating while on Amazon to get something - going back and forth about "Do I get the book or the Kindle and then the book when it gets here?" I ended up just getting the book. And I ended up not getting another book I want that's not out in paperback yet. Though it is in Kindle. See the issue?

Tim says to wait, they'll be on Woot again. And he's right, they likely will be. In the mean time, I'll be the one on the couch sniffing pages and wondering if I can really give that up.


michellewillingham said...

I got a Kindle for my birthday last year and I just love it. While I still adore my paperbacks, the instant gratification is awesome. I can download sample chapters of a book I'm on the fence about. I can read the first 40 pages and if I'm not in love with it--delete. If I am, I can click buy, and it's mine to finish.

The downside of Kindle is that you can only buy from Amazon (unless it's a pdf file, lkie some of the free Google books). You also can't check out e-books from the library (you can with a Sony e-reader).

However, the price right now is unbelievable. Something to think about! :)

Eric Siegmund said...

My advice is to not think of an e-reader as a substitute for dead tree delivery, but as an extension. Like Michelle points out, the ability to instantly download a book and begin reading it wherever you are is something that you can't fully appreciate until you're stuck at the doctor's office and realize that you don't have to read eight year old copies of US News & World Report.

My fave e-reader now is iBook on my iPad. I wish its library were as extensive as Amazon's for Kindle. (But I also have a Kindle for backup. And a Nook, but it pretty much sucks.)

beth said...

Those are compelling arguments...and I've found converters (free) to get just about any format into Kindle format - and if you believe the forums, that includes library books.