As we hung out at the library today I looked back at our trip a week ago that ended so abruptly with a call from our attorney that sent us rushing home to check my email (side note: I also believe this was God reminding Tim that I really do *need* a smart phone. Just sayin') while making call after call to Tim at work to try and get him out of his lab (had to finally call the receptionist and get someone to go knock on the door) and the subsequent just about 36 hours of nail biting anticipation that culminated with a heartbreaking email and all I could focus on was the deep well of peace that came shortly thereafter.

On Saturday, I spent the morning on the edge of depressed. But by noon, my heart was full - because somewhere in the midst of my sorrow, I realized that I could truly say "Dayenu - it would have been enough."

Being remembered by our attorney and considered a possible match is enough.
Being considered by this young woman was enough.
Having this little reminder that God knows His plans and He knows my heart's desire for another child is enough.

If my little man is the only child God has for us, it is enough.

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Gwynne said...

Like :-) Sometimes all we need is a touch. Enough to lift us up again. And I agree, you do need a smart phone!