Book Review: The Corrputible

This is the second of what I hope will become a long running series. I read the first in the series (The Nightwatchman, review here) and was captured by the realness of the characters. This is especially true given that it's published by a Christian publisher. So often Christian fiction is heavy on faith and light on good writing. This is precisely the opposite (though the faith is there - it's not preachy or even brutally overt - it's a secondary character living out her faith and witness to the two main characters. Much more the way things tend to work in life.)

In this second installment, we find Ray Quinn and Crevis fully established in their PI business. They take on a seemingly simple case: find the employee (an ex-cop Ray knew) and the information he stole, and return it. Things take incredible twists and turns from that point on, making it hard to guess all the pieces of the puzzle before the very end. (I did guess one major player, but had no clue on several others.) Throughout the plot, we see Ray struggling with his growing addiction to alcohol and Crevis battling dyslexia as he studies for the entrance exam to the police academy - both are storylines that help to keep you interested in the characters as people and move the story along (and leave you hoping that there'll be a 3rd book before too long.)

Definitely recommended - though it would probably be a good idea to read The Nightwatchman (the first book) first, you would be ok and not too lost if you didn't.

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