Excuses, Excuses

I have had about seventeen zillion thoughts to post on lately, but never seem to have the time to sit and actually write them in such a way that they might be interesting to anyone. The bulk of the reason for this is that my netbook is having...personal problems.

Last year in the summer-ish timeframe, the child (because when he did it, he was "the child" in as stern a voice as I could manage, rather than the usual endearing doodle) drooled on the keyboard of my netbook. At that point, the lower right quadrant of keys became...fussy. You have to really kind of pound them to get them to take (sometimes you have to pound them 3 or 4 times...or 16 or 1888 times). We took the keyboard apart and cleaned it carefully, let it all dry, put it back together. And it got to a point of only being occasionally goofy. It was workable. Except that somewhere in the process of taking it apart and putting it back together something broke off in one part of it, so it rattles. That hasn't seemed to make a difference one way or the other, so...musical netbook. Fine.

I had gotten used to its temperamental tendencies (like the Function key occasionally deciding to stick, giving you the alternate version of every key on the right side of the keyboard, which, on a netbook is actually more keys than you'd imagine due to reduced keyboard size) and had been happily blogging or emailing away while the kiddo played and ran around.

Fast forward to last week (two weeks ago? somewhere in there) when he upended a glass of water on, you guessed it, the lower right side of my keyboard.

I redid the whole cleaning and drying process but anytime you browse to any kind of entry box, my netbook now decides that you want it to say ..................................................................... And the periods just keep going and going until you manage to hit delete faster than they're typing (harder than you'd imagine) and get them all put back in their little Pandora's box of periods. It's ellipses gone wild and it has rendered the thing virtually unusable if you think you might like to type something. It's gotten so bad, I actually have said that it's easier to type of my phone (and I love my Droid Incredible, don't get me wrong, but even with 8pen (highly recommended as a keyboard replacement, btw) it's not a speedy device where input is concerned. I blame the operator, no doubt, but I can type much faster than I can text. Cause I'm old like that.) Tim took a look and declared it "broken". (Thanks, honey. I got that far.) (Also? You'll notice how I didn't relate any of the 12-year-old boy jokes that got made by a certain husband when I mentioned that my netbook was having issues with its period.)

So, that's where the blame for the radio silence is going to be firmly rested until I am finished teaching two classes at once and regain some of my naptime time. (Like today when I am ignoring my two classes and am, instead, blogging.)

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