Is it really only Tuesday?

It seems like this week should be much farther along than it is. I'm not clear, exactly, on what the issue is. The President's Day holiday really didn't effect us one way or the other - Tim had to work and it was just a normal Monday at home.

School was canceled today, which meant MOPS was canceled. This isn't that big a deal, except that I spent the bulk of yesterday making a king cake to take along for refreshment time. (King cakes aren't labor intensive, they just happen to need to rise twice, the first time for about 90 minutes, the second for 45. Except at our house, which is inevitably drafty, you need to add about 50% to each of those estimates if you actually want something more like bread and less like rock as the final output. Thus the "all day" nature of making one.) I really don't need that sitting upstairs calling to me. We had some for dessert this evening, it was quite tasty. I may send it off to work with Tim though, we'll see. (I'm seriously torn, it's very yummy...but that implies that I'll eat more, so really, save me from myself, you know?)

Tim is upstairs putting the kiddo to bed. I love listening to him read over the monitor. Though I'm going to have to start putting my foot down about starting the process at 7 (rather than 7:15) on nights daddy is doing the bedtime routine, because it's 10 to 8 and he's not in bed yet, even though his bedtime is 7:30. Ahem. Daddy is very easily cajoled into "just one more story".

My classes (that I'm teaching) are in their final weeks, which is a huge relief. I know better than to teach two at a time, I do. But I didn't feel like I could say no on a number of levels, and so...we have stressed out me. I might be less stressed out if they were both a class I've taught before, but alas, that is not currently the case. I might also be less stressed out if I wasn't doing my doctoral study right now either. Reference previous "not the case" comment. Regardless, I'm a tad stressed and looking forward to classes ending and that blessed one week between terms when there are not classes to be taught (and then hopefully only teaching one class again).

We're giving a shot to not latching the gate across the kiddo's bedroom door tonight. He's been very good the past few weeks about not getting out of bed, so this is his reward. If he can still stay in bed, we'll take it completely down and the house will be gate free for the first time in 3 years. We shall see what happens.

And that is the randomness of Tuesday. I need to go and update my Kindle while I"m thinking about it (the thought just flitted through my head). Maybe while that's happening I'll update my books read widget - there's been some good reading going on of late.

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