Why Facebook Hasn't Killed My Blog (At Least Not Completely)

On Thursday, the kiddo and I packed up our various swim gear and headed to the pool with some friends whose neighborhood actually has a pool. (Honestly, when we moved here, I didn't think not having a pool in the 'hood would be a big deal. Now that the doodle is on the scene, I kick myself all summer long. On the other hand, I really like how cheap our HOA dues are in comparison, so there's that.) While in the pool, I just turn off the cell phone and don't worry about anything like that because, really, how often do I actually get calls that matter? (Answer: hardly ever.)

You can probably see where that's going, right?

So we get out of the pool a little ahead of our friends because the doodle has decided he's all done. And we go and get clothes on and then settled onto a lounger in the sun to wait for them to be finished. I grabbed my phone to let the kiddo play games and noticed I had a voice mail. So I figured I'd check it before moving on to games, and lo and behold...it was our attorneys. I skimmed through the email they'd sent about the opportunity and fired it off to Tim, then tried to get him on the phone. Lo and behold, he actually answered his phone at work (this is very unusual these days) and he read the email and we agreed that it sounded like a good fit. So I called the attorneys back, said yes, we'd like to be considered.

Pretty much these days when this happens we let our parents know and that's it. We know our parents will pray with us and beyond that, there's just too much possibility of us not being selected to bother letting the whole world know only to have to turn around and say that they didn't choose us. So I let our parents know as well and then essentially put it from my mind thinking that it would at least a few days before we heard anything else.

So the afternoon consisted of nap time (with grading for me), and then a mad rush up to a park near Tim's office for his company picnic. Well, while we were getting on the highway my phone rang. I glanced at the caller ID ready to just ignore it, but it was our attorneys again, so I figured it was a reasonable idea to answer and see what was up. Totally expecting, honestly, to be told that the birth parents had decided they wanted characteristics that we didn't meet.

In fact it was quite the opposite.

The attorneys thought we were such a good fit that they asked the birth parents to look at our portfolio while they worked on getting some other options together. And after that, they decided they didn't need or want to look at anyone else.

So at this point, we're expecting a new baby sometime in the early part of 2012 (I do have a more specific due date than that, but I've decided I'm going to keep those details off the blog for the time being.) I think Tim is still in shock - and honestly, I'm close to still in shock. And since the due date is so far off, we're not letting everyone know as of yet (though we did tell Tim's grandparents who then let it slip to a few other people, so we did send out an email to extended family to let them know so it was at least coming from us rather than the grapevine.) So it's not going up on Facebook for now, but Tim said I could talk about it here - and that is why I continue to love my blog.

The detail that most people seem interested in is, sadly, one we don't yet know: gender. It's still a bit early for that (and hand in hand with being too early for that, we're trying to keep our minds cognizant of the fact that things can still end up with a different outcome - it's a long time til the new year...but we're still totally excited).


tpsaye said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Congrats and fingers crossed and everything else that's appropriate!

- Robbo

Jen said...

YAY! Yay! YAY!

So excited for you!


*doing a happy dance*


beth said...

Thanks - definitely appreciate prayers and appropriate appendage crossings :)

GroovyVic said...

Wonderful news! Also praying for you!