Tim vs. The Squirrel

You may or may not recall that I got a bird feeder for my birthday. The main reason we stopped feeding the birds previously is that we have lots of squirrels that come and raid the feeder. We've tried various "squirrel proof" feeders - they are not, in fact, squirrel proof. (At least, not against our squirrels.) Still, since Tim's allergic to anything fun to have as a pet, he agreed to at least try and attract some pretties to look at. And so we attached the bird feeder to the beam trellis on our deck.

This did not deter the squirrel in the slightest.

So Tim got the idea to use a plant hanger that clamps to the deck rail and then has a little, skinny pole that sticks out from the deck a good 3 feet to hold the bird feeder. What happened was just another epic battle in the struggle between man and nature.

I've depicted it below for your viewing pleasure. (You'll probably want to click to embiggen for best viewing.) (Also, I never said I could draw.)

(Also also? Gravity always wins.)


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    FWIW, I actually found a squirrel-proof feeder that works. (I thought it was from Droll Yankees, but can't find the model on their website.) It's the sort which has a spring-mounted base from which the perches extend. When any weight is put on the base, the whole thing sinks down, covering the food holes. The squirrels quickly gave up on it. (Of course, I had to go back and practically weld the thing to its stand because a raccoon had figured out how to knock it to the ground and feast when the lid came off.)

    - Robbo

  2. http://www.solutions.com/jump.jsp?itemType=PRODUCT&RS=1&itemID=26611&keyword=89163

    I pinned this exact type of feeder for you.