10 Days

10 days since my last post...I'm a slacker, I realize.

For all of that, I have very little to say. We are settled into a rather happy routine around here and while it's delightful, it's not exactly going to set the blogging world afire. (When has anything I've written? More to the point, when have I wanted to? The answer is the same to both.)

I'm chugging away with various and sundry things for the release of my book in January, along with trying to get a second in the series out of my brain and onto electronic paper. I'm also teaching this term. And then there's the juggling of the two kiddos. (My mother told me many times that 2 was easier than 1. She lied. 2, in my case at least, has turned out to be about 16 times harder than just 1. Perhaps it's the age difference? No idea.)

In the midst of all of that, blogging has fallen to the wayside even more than it already had. I'd say I'll try to do better, but really, you're kind of stuck with what you get these days. Sorry.

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