Good Grief

Pardon the channeling of Charlie Brown - but honestly, I thought 10 days was bad. Apparently I decided to try for 11. I have a multitude of excuses, none of which are particularly scintillating.

The younger boy had a few nights of trying to convince us that he was starrrrrving in the middle of the night (after having been sleeping through the night for a little over two months now.) When I realized we were moving back into habit territory (meaning he would drink about an ounce and then want to play -- so not cool at 3 a.m.) we decided it was time to be tough. We would stand firm! We had a royal battle of wills. And as I walked him around trying to soothe him back to sleep (because, no, I can't do CIO - I know it works for some people, but I can't do it.) and he got madder and madder...I realized that this little boy is every bit as strong willed as his brother. Should they ever team up when they're older...Oy. I'm in for it.

I'm happy to report though that he's back to sleeping. Which means we can be as well. (Except then, of course, the elder boy decided it was his turn. Last night at 3 a.m. - why is it always 3 am?! - elder boy decided he couldn't find his teddy bear. A specific teddy bear among the 9 stuffed "friends" he had in bed with him. Tonight, as I'm not ok with being awakened to come and search for a stuffed animal (or the drama and sobbing that accompanies a suggestion that he go back to sleep and deal with it in the morning), he is down to Mickey Mouse. And only Mickey Mouse. Everyone else is safely tucked into the top bunk.

In other news, my students this term are driving me around the bend. I've never had this many cheaters in one class. Honestly, it's as if they think that 1) I don't actually look at their code, 2) I don't realize when things are vastly more complex than what's called for and/or what they've demonstrated ability, 3) I don't care, and/or 4) I won't turn them in. For some of them, it's taken multiple offenses to realize I'm serious about the fact that turning in something you find online is not the same thing as doing the homework. Whether you understand what you turn in or not! Grr.

To end on a happy note...I believe I'll be doing some repainting this long weekend. (It's Labor Day, you're supposed to be Laboring.) I think my green wall in the den shall become chocolate and my sunny yellow kitchen a teal/spring/mint green. If I remember, I'll post some befores and afters. Maybe I can pull my decor from the 90's into the 00's.

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