80 Days of Ouch

So hubs has been super stressed at work, owing largely to having had an incompetent person for most of last year. They finally rid themselves of him and found a replacement. And...turns out he was ALSO incompetent. Except that, bonus, his incompetence bordered also on illegal - and so now that he's gone, hubby needs to get the work that was meant to have been done actually finished so they can stop having it hang over their heads.

The following conversation ensued:

He: I should exercise to reduce stress. Also it'd be good to be in shape before Man Camp with eldest this summer.

Me: You can use my elliptical?

He: Maybe. I feel like I should do weights, too.

Me: Okay. I could use some toning/weights incorporated. Want me to find a program to do together?

He: That sounds great.

Que searching here, there, and everywhere. Talked to a few friends who are into fitness and finally bit the bullet and signed up for Beachbody with the intention of doing 80 Day Obsession.

We did day 4 today.

And oh my gosh. I don't have abs. Not any of them. I'm fairly certain, God skipped those muscles when He made me.

It's a fun (ish) program. For exercise. But also, abs. I don't have them. Now I have a sore belly. But I'm still pretty convinced they're not abs.

Regardless, it's fun to do with hubs. And it does seem to be helping hubs with the stress levels, so we'll keep calling it a win.

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