On Teenagers, Fools, and Money

Eldest can't keep a dollar in his pocket for thirty minutes to save his life.

His latest obsession is paintball. And yes, it's an expensive hobby but we figure if he's willing to work to earn money to spend on it, then that's fine.

Or it was.

Lately it feels like he hardly gets the dosh in his pocket before he's asking me to hit up the Zon for this, that or t'other. Or other sites that he says he's researched (and he may have, but not running in the paintball world, it's not exactly something I can verify all that well. And I don't feel like taking on the researching of same as my own hobby.)

I'm torn.

On the one hand, we're pretty hard line about no cash in mom's hand, no clicky the order button. On the other hand, good NIGHT, try saving for a rainy day.

We have the middle school Dave Ramsey curriculum and I need to do better about actually sitting and working through it with him lest he end up like so many I know who never seem to have two nickels to rub together.


  1. All the Gels took a personal finance class in high school which was arguably the best course they had there. When Eldest took it, the teacher was a new arrival to the area. One of the projects he had the class do was to identify desirable apartment rentals based on a given set of criteria. When they did, he signed on to the place himself, the criteria being his own.

    So far as nickels rubbing together, sometimes when I have encountered professional panhandlers (as opposed to those obviously in genuine need) trying to pry some coin out of my pocket, I have said, "Buddy, I have a wife and three daughters. How much cash do you think I ever actually see?" I've got some genuine laughs from that.