The Bee's Knees

Today was a day.

It started off innocuously enough. I did my daily turn on the elliptical, showered, woke the teen, and then younger and I went out so he could ride bikes. Whilst out, the Sleepy Pup's friends came by on their walkies, so I grabbed his leash and brought him out for sniffs and but wiggles. Everyone had a ball. 

Lunch followed shortly thereafter.

And then a group message I'm part of with author friends devolved into drama. Because you can say it's internalized misogyny if you must, but women suck and seem to be incapable of being kind to one another when they disagree. And one of the ladies seems hell bent on being better/faster/stronger/smarter than me at all costs. And like, ok? I don't need to be queen bee. She's welcome to it. But opinions were solicited, I gave mine, she jumped all over me about why that was a stupid opinion. Not that she had something better or other to offer. Just that mine was dumb.


I put the group message on mute and we moved on to school. It went well enough. Eldest seems to have finally resigned himself to algebra. I'll take it, though it makes me sad, because algebra is my favorite ever. It's just so fun and beautiful. But resigned and not grumbling is good. Youngest actually read instead of guessing, so I'll call that a win as well.

And then, we went into the basement to watch the language arts lesson (we're doing an IEW writing course for eldest, but youngest enjoys watching the videos as well and I'm not going to say he can't watch extra school just because it's above his level. Plant those seeds!)

We get settled and the DVD is starting and...what is that buzzing sound? I look around, sans glasses, and see something near one of the lights and assume it's a fly that got in when the door was left open, as the boys do.

Except of course it wasn't a fly. It was a bee of some variety. Hornet? Yellow jacket? One of those. Not the kind of thing you swat at to rid the room of. So we vacate and eldest gets spray and he gets it and we try again, but then there's another. And another. And at one point I think there were five and it's like W.T.F. Where are they coming from??

So we scrap the English lesson and we're looking inside and we go outside and I see that they've found (made?) a hold in the caulk that closes out the conduit hole where the Internet and other lines come in the house and they're happily flying in and out of that.

Oh crap, says I.

We spray there. We spray in the basement. I furiously text husband that he's going to have to fix it when he gets home because I don't know what to do.

At this point, youngest is near apoplectic with terror and in his blessed ADHD manner so completely fixated on it that it is ALLLLLLL he talks about from three-ish until I just tucked him in bed. 

Did I mention I'm allergic to bee stings?

So yeah, I'm not super excited about this new development either and I'm relatively unable to help between trying to keep youngest from imploding and also an unwillingness to court anaphylaxis.

And all the while this is going on, my sister texts me that due to HER allergy and near anaphylaxis over the weekend, her chemo on Friday is cancelled and the doctor will talk to her tomorrow about what that means for her going forward, but it's likely that it's the end of viable options and just...yeah.

I suspect I'll be raiding the gin cabinet this evening.

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