This, That, T'other

Here we are approaching yet another weekend with no posts to show for the intervening time. Mostly because there's very little of interest to say.

I started a book (The Last Librarian) the other day. I'm not sure where I found it, but it was on my kindle and I figured why not (because I was scrolling the offerings looking for something that would catch my interest as that's been a challenge of late). Well, I've also now set it aside. I'm not sure if it's a for sure DNF, but it's definitely a not right now. Premise is post-pandemic new world order burning physical books so that the one-world government can control the information flow and how they're already tweaking the text of Shakespeare and the like (they turned The Hunger Games into a cookbook, which was amusing). And well. It was written in 2015 and I hope the author is having a good laugh now. Or cry.

Throw in that it's a little too narrative for me and it was hard to read on multiple fronts.

I'm intrigued enough that I might get back to it, but I guess we'll see.

Sister did her first round of the clinical trial infusion on Tuesday. Had some reactions during the process but has been relatively side effect free since. So yay? I mean yes, it's a yay, but also the whole thing is overwhelming and even best case scenario from this it's not like she gets to live forever.

No cicadas here in our neck of the woods as yet. For this I am grateful given that youngest has developed a CRAZY fear of flying things thanks to the bees in the basement earlier this spring. Getting him to go outside without long sleeves and two sweatshirts (you wish I was kidding) is an uphill battle with more often than not raised voices involved. With temperatures heading into the 90s for the next several days, you can imagine why I'm not a fan of his clothing choices.

I've managed two bad-ish sunburns since spring started and both have peeled and so my just-under-the-conscious-paranoia about skin cancer is raging.

It's fun to be me.

The boys are off on a campout this weekend with Trail Life. I am looking forward to a Y-chromosome free weekend and hopefully lots of time working on my current book on which I am desperately behind schedule. Because life. 

And it occurs to me that the dog has a Y chromosome, and he'll be hanging with me. So I guess it's a bi-pedal Y-chromosome-free weekend. And I'll take it, as Sleepy Pup is the absolute best in the universe. He is my baby and I am his person and we will be just dandy on our own.


  1. You might not be in this brood's footprint, or else at least just on the edge of it. The line's a bit hazy. They're certainly all out in the north end of Fairfax County.

    1. Looking at some of the maps for cicada activity I think we might be just south of where they're coming. I am not sad about this.