Thursday Random

Feels like it's always random around here, but there just doesn't happen to be the mental energy for much more. So it is what it is.

Sister is in the hospital currently. Septic, for sure, but potentially other issues. Her magnesium is low and seems content to stay there despite the attempts to change that. Her spirits seem high--or at least as high as possible given the circumstances. She might get to go home tomorrow or the next day, all depends, really, on getting the infection under control.

Hubby and eldest head off to Trail Life camp early Sunday morning (happy Father's day to him!) It looks to be a bout of epic fun in West Virginia -- rafting, paintball, kayaking, and more. Youngest don't have a ton lined up for our week together, though I did sign him up for swim camp. So we'll have 30 minutes of swimming every afternoon, so that's something. Beyond that, maybe some time with friends who have a giant blow up waterslide in their yard.

Dad's hanging in. He has less and less to say every day when I call him, and that's frustrating and sad. I don't know how to try to get him engaged in living again. Sister's situation isn't helping with his depression/denial/disconnect. It's not unexpected, but it's heartbreaking.

With all of the above, I'm finding it all...challenging. Which is, again, expected. If also frustrating and annoying. But this too shall pass at some point.

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