WTF is Wrong With People?

Hubs has an uncle who just torpedoed his marriage of 30+ years by revealing a mistress of more than 5 years. Kids from the marriage are all out of the house now, so I guess it's okay to walk away?

Regardless, Father-in-Law has decided that Uncle needs to be at their 50th Anniversary celebration this summer because family. Or something.

Uncle is bringing the mistress.

Father-in-Law sends out sanctimonious email about how we need to forgive (and okay, fine, yes. Forgiveness needs to happen. But restoration and reconciliation require repentance. FIL missed those finer points.)

Uncle replies all with comment about how he'll wear his Alabama t-shirts all weekend as it's the closest he can get to a scarlet A.

Um. Really? We're making jokes now? Ha. Ha. Adultery is so hilarious. Oh wait.

I'm ready to cancel the whole sh*t show and eat the fees. 

Or figure out a way to send Jerry Springer an invite.

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