Lazy Weekend and Other Random

Well, the weekend passed without much drama. We did go to Dad's and eat and all was well and hubby didn't moan so that was nice. The kids were less amazingly behaved that I would have liked but, well, kids.

Today was a mixture of fixing a few things the HOAzis noted on their usual jaunt about spying on private property. 

I don't mind overly, if I'm honest. I do prefer that everyone keep up their homes and so forth and so on. But I do think it's a bit rich to be cited for needing some siding power washed when I can point out four or five houses that have yet to mow and have actual siding damage. But whatever. Presumably they also were cited. And I guess if the job actually gets done those owners will fix things up or fines etc will continue apace.

And they were simple things to do and it was a nice day to be outside.

I got some other sundries done inside.

We had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

My sister is at the ER as she's been running a fever now for five days and has a lump at the base of her skull that's getting bigger and her fever isn't responding to ibuprofin.

I figure I'll be completely gray from stress in another month or so.

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